European Teen Edition


Teens all over Europe are experiencing loneliness, broken relationships, and fear of their future at an alarming rate. This new magazine-style Book of Hope is written for urban/suburban teens in Europe who have church exposure but not a faith of their own. It makes space for teens to ask questions about hard topics and process the answers through what the Bible says.

Written in a light, engaging tone, the book courageously tackles difficult topics, including suicide, depression, anxiety, relationships, social media, and

the search for meaning. It challenges teens to really get to know Jesus and what He says, discovering what a life of faith has to do with life right now. The book shows patterns of change through testimonies of people who have encountered Jesus for themselves.

Originally designed for Italy, the book was expanded for a broader audience in response to OneHope’s Global Youth Culture research and the needs exposed among Generation Z today. The book is currently available in English and Italian and was recently completed in Bulgarian with additional translations planned for this year.



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Emotional Processing Program


The war in Ukraine has left children afraid, confused, and emotionally traumatized. With the added expertise of clinical psychologists and regional representatives, our team is developing a program that will lead children in identifying the five major emotions and equip them with tools on how to process their emotions in a healthy manner. By interacting with God’s Word, children 7-11 years old will learn how each of their emotions is a gift from God, designed to lead them back to His unconditional love for them. This product is being created in coordination with Biblica, with whom we partnered to produce the Survivors Book of Hope for the Syrian refugee crisis. 

This book will create a safe space for children to be introduced to God as their giver of joy by presenting a dynamic, fun, and relatable narrative supported by a robust inclusion of Scripture. 

The back of this book will feature a caretaker’s guide; this tool will aid parents/guardians in reconciling their own emotional experiences while also providing insight as to what their child is undergoing.







Superbook Book of Hope


Over the last forty years, the animated series Superbook from Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)  has presented the stories of God’s Word to millions of children across the world. Together with CBN, OneHope has developed a new Book of Hope that utilizes Superbook’s beautiful artforms and characters as it displays the story of Jesus and invites young people to start their journey with Him. This product will be translated into Russian, and is set to be distributed throughout the Russian-speaking regions of Europe and Central Asia beginning in 2023.



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