First Editions




We admire early investors who buy stock or real estate before anyone else sees the potential. These pioneers enjoy the thrill of witnessing their investments grow over time. First Editions allow you to do something similar for God’s Word. You can invest in a new mission and watch your investment grow over the years.

Whether it’s a translation of an existing program to a new language or the research and development of an entirely new program, First Editions keep the global outreach of OneHope strategic and robust. The First Edition you sponsor will go on sharing God’s Word with children and youth for many years to come!

Our local church partners around the world have requested these programs to help them reach the young people in their communities and nations. First Editions are essential because friends like you step in to invest in each new program.

Please take a moment to explore the 2023 First Editions and pray about how you can help. You can select which Scripture engagement programs God leads you to sponsor by using the Navigation Bar on the right-hand side of the page. This selection can also be part of your 2023 Faith Promise and can be fulfilled monthly or through a one-time gift any time during the year.

With your love and support, OneHope Scripture engagement programs can share God’s life-transforming Word with 142 million children and youth in 2023!

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