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A Leader’s Guide for "The Bridge"


A Leader’s Guide for “The Bridge” program will be designed to train and equip church leaders and volunteers on using the “The BridgeBook of Hope in their youth ministry for Muslim teens. It will include a curriculum based on the Bible stories found in the Book of Hope that can be applied and customized for church and outreach programs. The Book of Hope titled “The Bridge” is a story of two schoolmates who find themselves trapped after an earthquake. They come to learn about each other’s response to their ordeal and find hope in who God is. This book is designed as a peer-to-peer tool to share the Gospel for teens aged 13-18.



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World Without Sickness


Originally developed for Cambodia, our World Without Sickness program addresses the practical needs of children in developing nations where education is desperately needed about hygiene, sanitation, health, and fitness.
  • In some parts of Asia where there may be resistance to Christian literature for children, a book about health and hygiene is welcome and needed.
  • Often the book is distributed with hygiene supplies, such as soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.
  • World Without Sickness also contains Scripture and a presentation of the Gospel.
  • Both the student book and teacher’s guide focus on communicating that Jesus is the one true God who created each young person with purpose.
  This book will now be developed for use in Myanmar for speakers of the Shan language. There are about 4.6 million Shan speakers in Myanmar, Northern Thailand, and Southern China.



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