Research Projects

Global Youth Culture


Although not a Scripture engagement program in itself, our Global Youth Culture research project can inspire new programs globally and has the potential to impact the next generation worldwide.

  • This multi-year, multi-nation project surveyed Gen-Z, young people born between 1995-2012.
  • The results helped highlight how these young people differ from previous generations, and where they are similar, too.
  • It gave us a baseline for what they think and feel, and the actions and behaviors they display, regarding God, religion, spirituality, family, and many other important subjects.
  • With this information, our global partners can more specifically target programs to speak to the heart-felt needs of Gen-Z.

As reports on the major findings are being released, our partners are asking that the relevant reports be translated into their languages. After validating our research instrument in 14 countries last year, we are confident this study will lead to actionable insights for how to share the Gospel with this unique generation.

But we need to get the research translated into various languages to unleash its potential! And you can help.

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* These languages are used in limited access nations with strong opposition to sharing the Gospel. Please do not share details about these nations publicly.